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FREE Digital Marketing Support For Businesses

If you don’t have the time, money or in-house skills – why not let our digital marketing students “have a go” at marketing your business? They are keen to apply their newly learned skills to real-life scenarios, and it won’t cost you a penny. Tasks could include anything that is related to digital marketing, such as creating customer personas, social media posts, video ads, doing competitor research or writing copy for your website. Of course, you are not obliged to use the work and nothing will be posted on your website/social media accounts without your explicit consent*.

All work created by students will be reviewed by our digital marketing tutors and, of course, we would welcome any constructive criticism and/or revision requests from you, “the customer”. This experience will not only get students prepared for a career in digital marketing but also, should you choose to publish their work, will enable them to see any “results” which we hope you will share with us.

The majority of our Digital Marketing Skills Bootcamp students are looking for a job at the end of their 12-week bootcamp. During the course, they will learn a lot of theory, but the best way to really understand digital marketing is to apply that knowledge practically. Building a portfolio of work will help students demonstrate their capability and creativeness to prospective employers.

We hope to be able to work with all companies who would like to give our students this opportunity and are keen to work alongside as many types of business as possible, to help give insight into a range of different industries and how marketing techniques differ. However, if demand is higher than anticipated, preference will be given to companies who have an interest in trying (or improving) pay-per-click as it is one of the core modules of the course.

* any work may be used as part of the student portfolio and may be available online unless, as a business, you specifically request it isn’t!

How long it has been established, how many employees do you have, plus any relevant information about your products or services etc.
Please list any social media pages/groups you own etc. Do you currently use any paid digital marketing channels?